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The Writer's Address

" I’m his wife. He just doesn’t know it yet. "

- A friend.

" Being me isn’t as hard as it used to be. "

- Firefly, Childish Gambino.


You will always be
my favorite hello,
and my most painful



A young boy in Bangladesh risked his life in a surging river to rescue a drowning baby deer, prompting cheers from locals who weren’t sure whether Belal would reach the other side or be swept away. [x]

this means everything to me

God bless this boy

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Your brokenness —
tiny refractions in the
evening sun,
more beautiful in their
own right,
than if you were
created whole.


One thing I need to remember is that I cannot make someone love me. Nothing is worse than trying to love someone that will never love you.

Chilling with my boy, Batman! (at The Figure of Eight)

" Everybody is identical in their secret unspoken belief that way deep down they are different from everyone else. "

- David Foster Wallace

" I feed my pen
not ink,
but sorrow,
and the biggest
misconception is
that to keep me writing,
I must keep my sadness. "

- thewritersaddress.

" I have had
enough of playing
with my demons,
it’s just not as fun
as it used to be. "

- thewritersaddress.

" Writing is not a profession but a vocation of unhappiness. "

- Georges Simenon (via maza-dohta)


r.m. drake is amazing

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" In the quietness around you. In between the silence and open air. That’s when you will feel me the most. That’s me—missing you. "

- 'Jar of Confessions' (Caleb)

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My favourite song.

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